About US


TCKFilms 是中国最早开始利用穿越机进行专业拍摄的团队。 早期通过 TCKFPV.COM 官网,制作并投放了几十部利用穿越机和航拍无人机拍摄的自制短片。
我们也是在国内最早引进 Freefly Cinestar、ALTA 等大型影视无人机的团队之一,在中国特殊摄影界享有独特声誉。
2020年元旦期间,TCKFilms 以一部在横店影视城拍摄的《无人机第一人称穿越最美故宫》登录“新片场”首页。

TCKFilms is an independent team incubated in TCKFPV and was established in 2018, providing professional services for the film industry through FPV drones and aerial photography drones.
TCKFilms is the first team in China to film with FPV drones professionally. During our early days, we produced dozens of original short films with FPV drones / aerial photography drones and posted them on our TCKFPV.COM website.
We are also one of the first teams in China to operate professional cinematic aerial photography drones such as Freefly Cinestar and ALTA. Our early works have earned us distinct reputations within the Special Filming Industries.
In January 2020, TCKFilms’ production ‘Forbidden City-The Birds’ eye View’ (Filmed in Hengdian, China) was selected and posted on the “New Studio” homepage. It was a great exhibit of what TCKFilms can do with our cinematic FPV drones.